Having a bad, day, an all too familiar feature of the human condition, may include most any-thing from “bad hair” to misplacing your keys to a nasty interaction on the job.  Not surprisingly it may also include unwelcome encounters out on the road.  Just question people if you have any doubts about this.  Here listed are some of the more disturbing circumstances drivers will likely cite:

  • The realization, once you’re underway, that there’s much less gas in the tank than you imagined.
  • Having one traffic light after another turn red as you approach.
  • Finding the highway jammed at a point where traffic ordinarily is light.
  • Discovering, once it begins raining, that your wipers are smudging, Ieaving only a Iimited area of your windshield clear enough for you to see through.
  • Choosing an alternate route that turns out to be far more congested than the one you normally take.
  • After selecting a toll booth, finding the automatic arm stuck in the “down” position.
  • Having visibility reduced to zero when a huge sheet of water from the opposite side of the road cascades onto and engulfs your windshield.
  • Cruising the same area repeatedly without finding a parking spot.
  • Locating a spot and parking only to discover you’ve no change for the meter.
  • Despite traveling at the speed limit’ being honked at repeatedly for “holding up” traffic.
  • Being unable to swerve out of the way in time to avoid a massive pothole.
  • After having failed to notice a “construction” sign, getting boxed into a lane that is closed off just ahead.
  • Pulling up too close to the corner and, as a result, being unable to see whether or not a “no turn on red” sign is present.
  • Daydreaming and distracted, you drive past your exit.
  • Overlooking the presence of speed bumps, you fail to slow up and nearly hit the roof while passing over one.
  • Mindlessly preparing to exit the car with the motor still on and the car in drive.

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