How do highway officials determine where to place “Deer Crossing” markers?

When everyone is exceeding the speed limit, how do policemen decide who to stop?

When roadside signs read “Men Working,” why are men rarely at work?

Is there a gasoline price in all of the United States that does not end in 9?

Why won’t you see the celebrities or corporate sponsors at work along those stretches of road they’ve adopted?

Why is it virtually impossible to drive at 15mph in a school zone.

Why, when you’re late, do you invariably “make” all the lights?

How is it that car squeaks,, and noises grow strangely silent once you arrive at the garage?

Why when you’re waiting for a parking spot does that driver often take forever to pull out?

By how many miles can you exceed the speed limit without risk­ing a ticket?

Why are “backseat drivers” just as likely to be found in the front seat?

Why is it you’ve never spotted rocks in a “falling rock” zone?

Why do folks who don’t ordinarily pick their noses in public do so rather frequently in their cars?

Why do many women when driving cars appear so much more alluring then they are in person?

Are truck drivers who have elevated exhaust pipes really more considerate than those whose emissions emerge but a short distance from the road’s surface?

Why does having your car washed seem to result in rain soon thereafter?

Why when you glance over at another driver traveling along the road does he immediately sense you’re looking at him and stare back?

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