Racial remarks made in public, intentional or otherwise, are off the table these days.  The climate’s changed; boundaries have been redrawn.  Just think of those public figures who’ve gone down in flames after ignoring the altered landscape and failing to rein in their impulses.  When forced to defend themselves, you can expect the accused to respond in much the same way.  “I don’t care what color you are – white, black, yellow, green, blue or orange.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I treat everyone the same.”  Such a comeback they assume will defuse the situation.  Mixing real skin colors with imaginary human hues creates, they believe, an effective protective palette.

But can we believe them?  Why should we accept their assertion regarding green, blue or orange people?  How many have they actually met who fit these descriptions?  Can they provide evidence of their evenhanded treatment of these diverse racial types?  Or is this just a rhetorical smokescreen – an attempt to dilute and draw attention away from their inflammatory remarks by citing supposedly benign associations with non-existent beings?  When such green, blue or orange individuals do come forward, we may uncover additional evidence on this matter.

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