Wherever you go, most service providers are likely, whatever the day, to leave you with “have a good day,” or even a “terrific” one.  It’s all very nice, even uplifting, but what are the odds that they are prophetic and it’s going to happen?  Most days are at best “okay” or “decent,” so wishing you a “wonderful” one is likely to be a disconnect with reality.  Still, there are days that, however unspectacular and devoid of notable “highs,” are nevertheless quite satisfying.  Allow me to offer a personal example.

Here’s what I did on a recent Saturday.  I did not oversleep and thus could look forward to a full day ahead.  It was a bright, sunny morning of moderate temperature – all to the good.  Had a hearty breakfast that included home baked cookies that a friend had provided.

My car inspection, I’d just discovered, was overdue, so I called my garage guy who invited me to come right over.  I enjoy spending time with him – a salt of the earth solid citizen.  Our chat, though pleasant, was brief.  The inspection, to my surprise, was over in no time.

I headed over to the dry cleaner and picked up some shirts.  Then drove to the drugstore for a prescription.  The gas gauge was low so I pulled in to an Exxon-Mobil station to fill up.  Not that long ago a gallon cost about $4.  Now it was $3.30.  So by pumping 14 gallons I enjoyed a “savings” of about $10.  Then it was off to CVS for a few items (on “special” that day).

Back home I checked the mail.  No bills!  (Not even that red light camera violation that I was expecting.)  I changed into my gym shorts and on to the treadmill.  Thirty minutes later I stepped off, feeling great, sweating mightily.  It was my daughter and her husband’s anniversary, so a call to the florist soon sent flowers and a plant speeding their way.  A package arrived at our door, a gift of fruit from friends for whom we’d recently done a favor.

It was time to get to the New York Times.  Read most sections (excepting Real Estate and Style) and afterward felt exceptionally well informed.  Watched a football game until my team fell hopelessly behind, then found solace in taking a pleasant walk with my wife.  Called a friend and set up time for tennis on Sunday.  Watched the World Series and at the same time managed to write this piece.

Was this the kind of “great” or “terrific” day so many had wished for me?  Probably not, but it felt good just doing ordinary things.  It was a day well spent.

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