Everyone wishes to be well-regarded, appreciates being recognized, addressed respectfully, even affectionately.  When people greet us in a warm kindly way we want to believe it because there is a bond between us, that we’ve been singled out, considered special.  When we’re referred to as “honey”, it produces a feeling most pleasant.  Same with “dear” or “dearie” and “sweetie”, “love”, and “darling”.  Add “Hi, handsome”, and “Hello, beautiful” and “Thank you, my friend” to that list.

But sooner or later, usually sooner, you discover the disturbing truth.  These same people refer to nearly all others they meet in precisely the same way.  There are no gradations, no qualitative distinctions.  Their conversation is constantly sprinkled with “Hi, honey”, “Thanks, my love,” “Hand me that, darling”, etc.  What a let-down.  These folks have latched on to an ingratiating way of relating to others.  But when everyone is special, can any one person also be? 

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