You’ve encountered both types, recognize the divide, though not sure what explains it. There are, on one hand, those who remain unruffled whatever the circumstances, deny a crisis is at hand, attempt to normalize the situation, counsel patience and understanding. Now consider their opposite number: those whose immediate response is anxiety, agitation, even hysteria. A crisis, they declare, is at hand, a drastic response appropriate. Such divergence occurs across a broad range of common circumstances. Consider these representative examples:

This is spoiled, rancid. Don’t eat it. Throw it all out. ~~
It tastes OK. It just expired. There shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s totally broken. Can’t be fixed. It’s busted. We’ll have to get a new one. ~~
It’s minor. It can be repaired. It will be as good as new.

We’re nowhere. We’re lost. What a waste. Let’s just turn around and go home. ~~
It’s got to be around here. We’ve gone this far. Let’s just ask.

No one is moving. Brake lights as far as the eye can see. We’ll never make it. ~~
It’s normal rush hour traffic. There’s always a bottleneck here. It’s beginning to move.

Game’s over. They stink. They deserve to lose. Shut it off. ~~
It’s early. Another half to go. They can come back. Wait and see.

I’m really sick. Everything aches. I’m sure I have fever. I’ve got to get to the doctor. ~~
Take your temperature. Drink liquids. This has happened before. Let’s see how you feel in the morning.

They’re not here. Forget it. They’re not coming. Let’s leave. ~~
Give them time. It’s not that late. They probably got a little lost. What’s the rush?

The price is ridiculous. It can’t be this high. I don’t really need it. Let’s go. ~~
We’re here. It’s the top of the line. It’s already set up. And we won’t pay for delivery.

Trump is ruining the country. He is a disgrace. It can only get worse. Our democracy is under attack. ~~
Some people like what he’s doing. He’s unconventional. The 2018 elections are coming soon. Mueller will be his undoing.

It’s freezing. What an awful winter we’ve had. Why do we have to put up with this? ~~
Actually temperatures have averaged above normal this winter. Besides, you’re not outside for very long.

I look awful. I have nothing to wear. I’m not going! ~~
You look just fine to me. What you wore the other night looked great. No one is getting very dressed for this.

The line is endless. It’s not moving. We’ll never get in. Forget it. ~~
There’s time. It’s beginning to move. Everyone will get in.

They’re not going to have children. They’ve been married over four years already. It’s’ not happening. ~~
They’re still young. There’s no rush. They’re trying to establish their careers first.

They’re not returning our calls. I’m sure we didn’t make it. We’d have heard by now. ~~
Give them a chance. All the information probably isn’t in yet. It hasn’t been that long.

It’s not on. We missed it. It was supposed to be on Channel 2. ~~
Check the listings again. We probably didn’t have the right time. I don’t think it’s on yet.

The package was lost. Or it was stolen. They should have delivered It by now. ~~
They don’t guarantee a delivery date. Remember, there’s been really bad weather out that way.

I’ve been holding on forever. They’re not picking up. I can’t do this. I’m hanging up. ~~
Give it a little more time. You’ve waited this long. It’s important that you get through.

He called off our date. Said he was very busy. Haven’t heard from him. It’s over. ~~
This is his busy season. You had a great time together last week. Don’t worry. He’ll call.

My stock is getting killed. I gotta get out. The market is going to crash. ~~
Hang in there. It’s just profit taking. The company is doing well. Be patient.

We’re lost. We’re thousands of votes behind. The polls got it wrong. ~~
Only a small percentage of the vote is in. Our vote usually comes in later. The night is young.

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