Minor Disturbances


Smooth sailing is not something we typically count on. “There’s always something” is a phrase familiar to most of us. Consider these “petty annoyances” that often mark our days.
• The price of gasoline jumps 8 cents at the pump in one day.
• A paper cut occurring in the AM plagues you throughout the day.
• At a busy Doctor’s office waiting room, two people are called in even though they arrived after you did.
• Looking forward to wearing a particular outfit you then notice it is stained.
• You finally arrive at a parking spot only to discover you have no change for the meter.
• It starts raining at an outdoor event, even though the forecast made no mention of precipitation.
• You’re obliged to phone a person you have no wish to talk to. Unfortunately, there’s no answering machine to record your message.
• An important letter that you mailed is returned for insufficient postage.
• You look forward to your breakfast waffle only to discover you’re out of maple syrup.
• While in the shower, the hot water suddenly runs out.
• At the post office, the person ahead of you on line has numerous packages to be mailed.
• The bread slice in the toaster gets stuck, doesn’t pop up and is burned.
• At a complex intersection the arrow just jumped red. It will now be a lengthy wait.
• The check you counted on to be “in the mail” is not.
• Desperate for a parking spot, you spot a car with brake lights on  presumably preparing to pull out, except that it doesn’t.
• You await an absolutely critical phone call. The phone rings. It is a solicitation.
• You check your receipt. You were charged the regular, not the sale, price.
• You’re put on hold and after a lengthy wait the operator finally gets on. As you prepare to speak, you’re suddenly disconnected.
• You wait in the examining room of a doctor’s office for a physician who never seems to arrive.
How many of these scenarios have you encountered? For sure you have may others to add. Such common annoyances we “accept as part of life. We know to move on.

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