The Eternal Hunt


Nature shows rarely omit the following fevered drama.  The scene opens upon a panorama featuring a large herd of animals, frequently zebras, gazelles, or wildebeests, grazing about contentedly upon the savannah.

Fidgety and cautious, they’re not unaware of potential dangers nearby.  In the next sequence we’re introduced to the predator, usually a lion on the prowl.  The swell of background music suggests stirring action is just ahead.  And sure enough after observing the herd intently, the lion selects his prey and with powerful strides soon is alongside the terrified target and closing in for the kill.  In short order it’s over, the limp blood-spattered dead beast on the ground and about to be ripped apart.  Meanwhile his former companions in the herd, who’ve paid little or no attention to this fearsome attack, continue their peaceful pursuit, presumably relieved at having been spared, at least for the time being.

Let us turn now to a busy interstate, cars bunched together, but all traveling nevertheless considerably over the speed limit.  Unknown to these motorists they are being closely observed.  Off on the side of the road, perched upon a slight rise, a highway patrolman watches as the cars zoom by.  He is but moments away from taking action, preparing to swoop down into the midst of them.  And that is precisely what he now does.  Having targeted a victim, he activates his flashing lights, and sets a course for the capture.  The chase ends quickly, the car coming to a stop off on the side of the road.  The driver is completely at the mercy of the officer, who in all his authority is quickly alongside, looming large above the car.  The state will now extract its pound of flesh from its hapless occupant.  Meanwhile fellow motorists take note but continue to speed by, presumably relieved at having been spared, at least for the time being.

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