People do bad things. Evil exists, many insist. But here we’re not talking about such stuff – violence, hatred, discrimination, indifference, etc. We’re concerned with “good people” who, on occasion, act in ways that are thoughtless and inconsiderate. You can assess your own standing on these matters after reviewing the following list. The “Test” will be self—administered and graded.
• You decide not to purchase an item and put it back on the shelf where it doesn’t belong.
• You notice you’ve not been charged for a relatively minor item . . . and say nothing.
• You pretend you didn’t receive a message from a person you were supposed to call back.
• You take far more than your share from the smorgasbord.
• You deliberately avoid a question that was put to you.
• You pass on a juicy rumor for which there is scarce basis.
• You ignore instruction to separate recyclables from your garage.
• You do not put a matching pair of shoes back in the same box.
• You walk across the street to avoid encountering a beggar.
• You avoid assisting an injured individual assuming someone else will help.
• You fail to share an umbrella during a heavy downpour.
• You cut into a long line of traffic waiting to exit.
• You fail to move promptly at an intersection so that the car behind you must wait for the next  green light.
• You go far beyond the posted limit at the supermarket express check-out aisle.
• You push the elevator button repeatedly, even as it is on its way.
• You don’t bother to look if someone is behind you when exiting a door.
• You avoid leaving a tip when such an opportunity presents itself.
• You do not challenge an obvious falsehood and by your silence convey assent.
• You park over the line in a space to keep someone from using the adjacent parking spot.
• You copy portions of another’s work and present it as your own.
• You destroy a sizeable spider’s web after the creature had just painstakingly constructed it.
• You break in repeatedly when someone else is speaking.
• You fail to pick up after your dog.
• You add trash to a garbage can already overflowing.
How did you score? Are you likely to mend your ways? This test will be repeated without prior notice.

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