Here’s an opportunity for sports fans of all stripes to indulge their fantasies.  Sports cartoons have a  long honorable history both celebrating and satirizing athletes and the games they’ve played.  Typically, the illustration and the caption combine to express the creator’s offbeat viewpoint.  In this instance, we take you half way; supplying the script and encouraging you to consider possible visuals.

Gomez, winning big in a bullpen poker game, has Donnelly pitch for him in top of the ninth.

Crawford, after an egregious error in the outfield, replaced by fan coming out of the grandstand.

Johnson pulls off track into pit to take cell phone call.

New Winter Olympic event to combine cross country skiing with ice fishing.

Crumbine’s exceptionally long fingernails make the difference as he wins 100 yard freestyle event.

Players from both sides picnic at midfield while referees continue to examine replay picture.

Discarding jacket and tie for casual Friday, basketball coach Bushnell paces the sidelines wearing team uniform.

Grief counselors on hand at stadium as home team’s losing streak hits 13.

Clean up crew collects sunflower seeds and mops up saliva on dugout floor between innings.

Acclaimed jockey turns to polo.

Reacting to increasingly distressful sounds, tennis officials consider playing loud music to offset grunting.

Bass tourney officials disqualify winner for having lured fish with empty promises.

Players found overindulging on popcorn while watching game film for hours at a time.

Boston, augmenting its staff of trainers and massage therapists, hires tattoo artist.

Jockey manages to switch to horse leading in homestretch.  Both jockeys will share purse.

NBA’s new “trash talk” rules place strict limits on permissible subjects.

Security guards summoned as Jimenez resists leaving mound after being shelled.

“Bullpen by committee” runs into problem of tie votes.

Birds observed camping out on the left field fowl line.

League rules that German spiked helmet cannot be worn at plate.

Boxers remain locked in a clinch for well over minute as referee appears unwilling to intervene.

New revenue stream developed as management agrees to sell ads on bases as well as on home plate.

Soccer league rules goalie can keep lounge chair in net area for use when action moves well downfield.

An attempt to preserve time backfires when ball rolled up court picked up by opponent.

Soccer stadium officials in New Mexico reject lucrative naming right offer from Mexican drug cartel.

Gymnast practices on real horse in preparation for Olympic event.

New rules allowing NBA centers to wear padding under discussion.

Study reveals fans spend more time watching Jumbotron than action on field.

200 yard medley race replaces butterfly with dog paddle.

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