Al-Qaeda has become a universally recognized organization closely associated with Moslem fundamentalism, zealous anti-Western and modernist influences and with an attachment to unrelenting terror tactics.  As such, it has become a valuable and popular franchise symbolizing boldness, persistence and power.  Accordingly, local militant groups, whether in Iraq Yemen, Somalia, Mali, North Africa, etc., have recognized the importance of identifying with Al-Qaeda.  In response to this interest, Al-Qaeda has established within its organization a franchise bureau to evaluate would-be affiliates.  Thanks to sources which cannot be named we have obtained the application form currently in use.

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  1. I just checked and it does not appear that the operation you have described has complied with the good practice requirements. Nevertheless the FTC advises in their FAQ in such instances that one should check with the local Better Business Bureau since apparently government may not be the first line of defense for deceptive business practices. The following is the FTC’s advice:

    “2. How can I find out about complaints against a company?

    No federal or state agency or private organization can tell you whether a company is legitimate or operates in good faith. The FTC or the Better Business Bureau can report on whether consumers have complained about a company. But, operators of fly-by-night franchise scams know this, and may change the name and location of their company every few months to avoid a record of consumer complaints.

    There is no substitute for checking the track record of a franchisor by personally talking to at least 100 prior purchasers. That’s why the Franchise Rule requires companies to give consumers a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least 100 prior purchasers who are geographically closest to you. Interview these prior purchasers about their experiences. Ask questions to verify that they have purchased the franchise or business opportunity and that they are not being paid to provide a favorable review. Visit their business locations in person.

    If you want information about consumer complaints from the FTC, request it in writing. Address your request to:

    Freedom of Information Act Request
    Federal Trade Commission
    Washington, D.C. 20580.

    Please identify your letter as a “FOIA Request” and include (1) your name, address and daytime phone number, and (2) the name and address of the company you are asking about.

    In most cases, the FTC does not charge the public for searching, reviewing documents, or copying. Still, it is a good idea to state the maximum you are willing to pay, so we can contact you in the unusual event that any applicable fees for these services will be higher than your limit.

    You can also request information from the Better Business Bureau and look up information about the franchise seller online at:

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