Pat:  Hello, Marge.

Marge:  Hi, How are you?

Pat:  I see you’re shopping.

Marge:  Just came by for a few items.

Pat:  What’s new with you?

Marge:  Nothing much.

Pat:  Family good?

Marge:  Yeah.  Everyone’s fine.  And yours?

Pat:  Can’t complain.  You see Lynn lately?

Marge:  No I haven’t.  I meant to call her, but I’ve been busy.  How’s your husband liking his new job?

Pat:  It’s a job, you know.

Marge:  Yeah, you’re right.  Well, we should get together.

Pat:  Let’s set something up.  You take care now.

Marge:  Nice seeing you.  Give everyone my best.

How many empty conversations like this have you overheard over the years?  And consider how many you’ve been a party to.

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