Heaven Help Us


And it came to pass that a scourge spread across the land. In a manner most suspicious, one abetted by foreign intrigues, there came to Washington as a leader, a man of deeply flawed character, a deceiver and a sinner, but also a showman and a celebrity who could attract and seduce cheering crowds.
Now the populace groans under his misrule, declares his unfitness, mocks his antics, his profound ignorance and his callousness while fearing the damage his actions pose for the nation and the world. He has expressed contempt for, and undone, past achievements, strained ties with allies and severed crucial links to the world community. He has elevated to positions of authority individuals ill-suited and unqualified. He has acted foolishly, spoken cruelly and lied consistently so as to raise questions about his mental stability. Totally self-absorbed, he has shown interest only in his loyalist base. Few believe he can be diverted from his erratic and backward looking destructive path. Many fear the very survival of the nation is at stake. Others warn it will require heroic efforts to repair the damage, recover from his reign of error.
But the Lord heard the despairing cries of the good people of America. And the almighty declared, “These, my children, have long acknowledged my sovereignty, so I will take pity on them, raise up all those that have become so downcast.” And so it was that the Almighty dispatched to rescue them, his foremost legal counsel, a pure soul, much esteemed. And the people were uplifted, considered themselves blessed. Their prayers had been answered – a savior had arrived to unmask false gods and heal the land. Mueller, they called him, and they praised his name, accounted him strong, brave, wise, worthy and dedicated to expelling those who have brought shame upon the nation, who took delight in the company of its enemies. Faith in Mueller grew stronger when he gathered around him a band of disciples most worthy, able and determined, each one wise to the ways of wrongdoers, capable of unraveling their perfidious schemes.
Mueller struck fear in the hearts of those gathered together in the White House. Their schemes would be exposed, their unsavory objectives revealed, their associations discredited. Why should such a man, they protested, be permitted to undo their efforts? Better he should be turned aside, struck down, separated from those who might assist him, and those obliged to cooperate. But a cry went up – efforts to banish him would be thwarted. Mueller would not be kept from his righteous task.
Still the people grow impatient as the nation continues along a misguided path where the few are rewarded at the expense of the many. How long must we suffer? When will Mueller, of whom so much is expected, speak out, humble those afflicting us?
Could it be we’ve been deceived, been victimized by false hopes? Has excessive caution or insufficient evidence stayed his hand? Has he been delayed by the complexity of the task? Does he hesitate, fearing the consequences of his findings?
Still, there have been hopeful signs. Subpoenas and indictments – the veil may be lifting. Mueller himself remains beyond reach, mysterious, offering us only silence. Are we about to witness dark clouds of suspicion burst forth and engulf the arrogant wrongdoers, together with those who have abused our trust?
Years from now will we sing his praises, celebrate his deeds, blessing the day Mueller was sent here on his sacred mission? Let us pray.

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