Here’s an opportunity for sports fans of all stripes to indulge their fantasies.  Sports cartoons have a  long honorable history both celebrating and satirizing athletes and the games they’ve played.  Typically, the illustration and the caption combine to express the creator’s offbeat viewpoint.  In this instance, we take you half way; supplying the script and encouraging you to consider possible visuals.

Judges flummoxed as Edson, riding his winged horse, easily clears hurdles.

Coach Fairbanks sends his entire squad out for goal line stand.

Joey Barnum picked off during friendly chat with first baseman.

Bluebird manager shocks players by appearing in dugout in business suit.

Aboard Miss Unicorn Foster wins by a horn.

Unnoticed, Sanderson joins opponent’s huddle and calls the play.

Team personnel shoot bags containing marijuana into stands during 7th inning stretch at Colorado Rockies home game.

Coxswain accused of installing motor under shell.

Grim Reaper paces along sidelines as game enters Sudden Death.

Katrina Olyevich slips under ice as her dazzling spins produce deep cracks on the surface.

Club owner decides to fly pennants of championship years together with those recalling subpar seasons.

For additional income Tour de France rider delivers newspapers along route.

Soccer fans now required to post bond before entering stadiums in England.

Ryzback at scorer’s bench for over ten minutes as coach refuses to put him in game.

Just having come off the D.L., Fairbanks heads to mound in wheelchair.

Locker room pep talk falls flat as team members stay on cell phones.

New revenue stream developed as management agrees to sell ads on bases as well as on home plate.

Eager for a fifth set fans boo call by Hawk Eye.

Earl Charles is slow returning to game after tumbling into lap of beautiful female fan seated at courtside.

New study reveals players with facial hair outperform those clean shaven.

Fielder leaning over rail has cap snatched by fan.

Wearing but a towel, female reporter conducts locker room interviews.

Ball boy accused of charging for balls handed to fans nearby.

Insurer citing undue risk will no longer cover sideline photographers.

Action stops as players request autographs from celebrities seated courtside.

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