There I was sitting at the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water.  I am not, like some, a plunger throwing caution to the wind and instantly jumping in.  I first, as they say, “have to get used to it.”
So while waiting for the “right” moment, I’m scanning the water’s surface.  Predictably floating at the top are a wide variety of insects that overnight heedlessly hit the water and, unable to get airborne again, met their deaths.  Their inert bodies bob up and down and, in time, will either sink to the bottom or be drawn into the outflow pipe and be carried away.  Since I’d never developed a soft spot for these creatures, I considered that the pool, besides its primary function also served me well by reducing the insect population in the immediate vicinity.

But not all the insects had met their fates this day.  One, I noticed, was thrashing about at the surface.  Had it been a species I associated with aggressive behavior I would have thought “good riddance” and watched it succumb.  This one appeared inoffensive, even admirable.  That’s because it displayed considerable spunk – kept trying to avoid certain death.  It would “rest” and then exert mighty effort to escape the water’s grasp.  Rest and then….

I had been drawn into its struggle, could no longer ignore the situation.  I had, I know, the opportunity to make a difference, and the power to be its savior.  Locating a stick I lifted it out of the water and onto the dry concrete along the edge of the pool.  The insect “rested” briefly and then scrambled energetically toward a nearby patch of grass.

At that moment the thought occurred to me that what I had done mirrored how God probably operates.  Although most people in need or danger are ignored and left to their fate, God, somewhat haphazardly does become involved at times, rescues particular individuals in crisis.  Such selective interventions seem sufficient to convince many of us to pray for and have faith in such divine intercessions.

Now I don’t know whether the insect I rescued then went about and spread the word about this “miraculous” occurrence.  Or whether he credited me with saving his life.  All I know is that since the event I’ve not been harassed, attacked or bitten by any of these creatures.  And now, as I sit along the pool, I systematically look about to see if I can once again demonstrate such praiseworthy benevolence.

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