Have a Good Day


Life certainly has its setbacks and disappointments, but that’s not the whole story. Some uplifting moments do get mixed in.When that happens we’re given a lift, encouraged to keep on going. Consider the following.
• While driving, a police car, lights flashing, pulls up behind you, but then passes on, in pursuit of another vehicle.
• It’s the day of an important social event and you believe you’re looking your best.
• A flashlight, long unused, actually works when suddenly needed.
• Unexpectedly, someone else at the table picks up the check.
• How you feel when the last guest has left your party.
• Your kid got an “A” on a school project you helped him with.
• Giving a gift that is really appreciated.
• Hearing that you made a good impression.
• Having a large majority support your position at a meeting.
• A leisurely cup of coffee in the morning.
• Fearing you’d lost your credit card, you return to the store where you had shopped earlier, and it’s there.
• The start of a three-day holiday weekend.
• With the “Big Game” just minutes away, you’re free to watch it uninterrupted.
• The first day of “daylight savings.”
• Having four Double A batteries on hand for when you need them..
• Getting a bill in the mail that you’ve already paid.
• Spotting a check-out counter where there’s no line.

• A meeting you have no wish to attend is cancelled.
• Remembering a name you thought you’d never recall.
• After a long futile search for your car keys you find them in a jacket worn the day before.
• Taking a group picture where you look really good.
• After a lengthy tie-up, the congestion suddenly disappears and you speed off down the highway.
• Seeing new growth on a plant you had given up for dead.
• Having just completed a strenuous workout.
• Someone who you never expected would accept your invitation, does so.
• Inhaling a scent that brings back warm memories of childhood.
• Taking a bad fall, but suffering no bodily harm.
• You find the book you’ve been “dying” to read on the shelf in the library.
• Approaching a lengthy traffic signal at an intersection and finding it has just turned green.
• Having the item you must purchase on sale the day you shop for it.
• Your child, who rarely studies, brings home an excellent report card.
• With no receipt and having removed the price tag, the store nevertheless takes it back.
• A “walk off” homerun gives your favorite baseball team a dramatic come-from-behind victory.
• Fearing you’d missed an important appointment only to discover it was set for the following day.
• With your gas gauge on empty, a service station appears in the distance.
• Having the doctor tell you your symptoms are no cause for concern.
• Finding a parking spot in a crowded commercial district.
• Running into an acquaintance your own age but who looks considerably older.

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