Most of us adults are at least dimly aware that as kids we received a steady flow of “behavioral guidelines” from our parents. We still, even now, hear their voices in our heads. They insisted that we learn practical skills (brushing teeth, tieing shoelaces), develop healthy habits (wash hands before eating) and act in ways that would not embarrass them (use utensils, not your hands, when eating). Think back to your childhood years. How many of the following instructions came your way? How many still apply? What have you passed on to your children?
• Wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
• Don’t go outside with a wet head.
• Don’t drink “ice cold” beverages when perspired.
• Wash the fruit before eating it.
• Don’t go swimming right after eating.
• Put your rubbers on before going out in the rain.
• Take your medicine.
• Stay in bed when you’re sick.
• Don’t walk around with shoe laces untied.
• Don’t swallow the pits.
• Look both ways before crossing the street.
• Don’t talk to strangers.
• When there’s a knock at the door, ask “Who is it?” first.
• Be quiet when others are sleeping.
• Be neat.
• Stand up straight
• Don’t start eating until everyone is served.
• Don’t talk with food in your mouth.
• Finish your food, especially the vegetables.
• No dessert until you finish your meal.
• Ask permission to leave the table.
• Don’t pick your nose.
• When your nose drips, use a handkerchief, not your hands.\
• Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking.
• Respect your elders
• Say “Thank you,” and “Please.” Don’t be “fresh.”
• Look at the person you’re talking to.
• Use a firm handshake.
• Don’t bite your nails.
• Don’t hit your sister (brother)!

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