Pleasant Surprises


Most all of us occupy a position somewhere between life as a “vail of tears” and “life is just a bowl of cherries.” We have our good days and our bad, but even during the latter, pleasant surprises occasionally come our way; these unexpected upbeat moments are there to be savored. Here’s an illustrative sampling:
• Your houseplant certainly looks dead. Still, you water it. Not long afterward you look again. Miraculously, it’s come back to life.
• You’ve not been to the dentist in ages. A checkup is long overdue. To your complete amazement – no cavities!
• You never win. Still, it’s a charity raffle, so it’s a contribution. Utter amazement: your number is called. The prize is yours!
• You’ve stained your favorite blouse. You apply a common household stain remover. You’re not optimistic. To your great surprise – it works!
• As you wait to board the plane, ahead of you on line is a crying baby in its mother’s arms. You pray they will not be seated nearby. They are not! What a relief.
• You arise suddenly and assume it is time to wake up. Checking the clock, however, you discover it is far too early to get out of bed. How sweet it is.
• After many years you return to your home town. It has not changed much, and there are people there who recognize you.
• They are expecting heavy rain but you must venture out. The rain never arrives.
• A police car, lights blazing and siren screeching, is racing toward you from behind. What a relief when it speeds on by.
• You check your bank account. The balance is markedly higher than you expected.
• Your gas gauge is perilously close to empty. Then you spot a service station straight ahead.
• You expect your wife to explode because you are so late. Inexplicably, she doesn’t.
• You are fishing in an area that appears altogether unpromising. But then you land the biggest fish of the day.
• You shut off the TV because your team seems hopelessly behind. Later on, checking the final score, you discover that they rallied from behind to win.
• You are expecting a whopping bill. It arrives, but is far less than anticipated.
• Off to a gathering, you hope a certain person will not be there. She isn’t!
• You’ve looked all over for your “lost” cellphone. There’s only one place left where it might be. It is!
• You’re sure you “blew” the exam at school. When the test is returned, however, your worst fears have not materialized. You passed!
• You are convinced this “blind date” will be a drag, a waste of time. But it turns out great!
• Because there’s a “Huge Sale” on a particular jacket you’re looking for, you are sure they will be sold out. Turns out there’s one left in your size.
• The product you dreaded having to put together comes fully assembled.
• A battery of medical tests you’re sure will reveal something suspicious, comes back clear.
• Your eight-year-old insists you take her to the latest animated film. You can’t imagine sitting through it. You go and are delighted.
Not everyone may be familiar with the word “serendipity,” but all recognize that experiences such as those above, are not unusual, and have a way of lifting spirits and making your day brighter.

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